Maybe it is time to go long on iron lung manufacturers


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Yeah. Right. Vax doesn’t work. That’s why the Salk vax came out in the mid 50s, in the midst of the biggest polio outbreak in USian history. And now, most people would not recognize an iron lung if they saw one.

Here’s another entry in “turn the clock back to the 50s”


Robert Kennedy Jr. is the Chairman of the Board, on leave, for the Children’s Health Defense.

That sums up the value of this organization, which is zero.


I think you overestimate their worth.


This is so sad, and scary, on too many levels. What has happened to this country? How did so many of us get so dumb?


Some people are anti birth control; others are anti death control; and some are both.



Folks expect most of the “research” to be more shyte. Even when more legitimized.

BTW as wrongly discussed a couple of days ago, there were far more fake bogus studies decrying bad COVID vaccines than honest studies. Dr. Mercola put out something like 400 research reports in seven or eight months. LOL

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Except the latter does not exist.

adding I probably should google that but it is such stupid stuff if someone is using that term, and still does not exist.

Sterlize the lot of them. Save a lot of time and money in the future. They won’t need healthcare because they are pro-death.

In which journals? The early Covid months were full of all manner of new ideas, speculation and revisions of what had been speculated on. Likewise the introduction of the vaccines. That’s a long way from “shyte”.

If folk are taking any notice whatsoever of anything Dr. Mercola puts out, no wonder said folk are confused about the legitimacy of research and the Scientific Method. Mercola has been a rampant anti vaxxer/anti science enthusiast for years (decades?). His site is where to look specifically for the STOOPID.


That is true Mercola’s shyte was not in Journals. Just across the entire internet swaying a wide swath of the public with false ideas. My point.

The anti vax sentiments aside, the notion that infectious diseases have causes that aren’t microbial has been a thing since the days of Pasteur and Koch. In fact, if you read the nonsensical blurb above the photo in the OP, it’s eerily similar to the narrative of the HIV/AIDS denialists led by another rogue scientist …Peter Duesberg… starting in the mid 1980s (and he might well still be asserting the same)

If such a fundamental lack of understanding is rampant, no wonder anti vaxx sentiments are so rampant.


You might say…

If I can’t see it I don’t believe it.

Paradoxically we need to take a leap of faith.

Well then, that’s hardly an indictment of research or the scientific community…but rather the credulous nature of those who read it uncritically and can’t distinguish between scientifically valid and sciencey sounding. That’s my point.


Partially true.

We were talking about fraud in research. I was adding just plain nonsense and wrong. Those are in there in big doses according to some.

The research discussed blamed doctors who had deaths. At least that is the impression left and what one person stated as would you see a doctor based on a 54% chance of mortality?

Even automotive blowhard Scotty Kilmer did a piece recently ranting about faked “scientific studies”, citing some 10,000 that have been withdrawn from the literature because the data had been faked.

His rant really gets rolling around the 2:30 mark.


The former editor-in-chief of the BMJ states 90% is wrong or nonsense.

Dr Oz has 500 peer-reviewed berries per year for you.

Those here go on and on about studies and the finer points, the research uses statistical modeling. Sometimes statistics matter. Mostly statistics do not hold up.

Well this guy is an example of why people can’t trust anybody. So, at least some of what he’s saying is true. Maybe all of it. But he deserves an Oscar and a Toni award for acting like a mental case nobody should be listening to. But he’s in the public sphere, people hear him and I guess if they see themselves in there somewhere he’s the voice of truth. There are tons like him who aren’t that in to facts.

Scotty? He always rants like that. One of the great mysteries is why some people become popular, because they are loud.


Oz is apparently an actual MD, who has admitting privileges at a reputable hospital. Some years ago, the Docs who worked at that hospital petitioned to have his admitting privilege revoked, because Oz promotes quackery on his TV program.

Then there is “Dr Phil”…

Speaking of quacks, PBS is, again, in a pledge drive. That means the PBS schedule is packed with infomertials from quacks, like “Dr Amen”.