Metaverse Arms Race

Building out Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the Metaverse will require “a 1,000-times increase in computational efficiency.” Venture Capitalists are already lining up.

Compute and the Metaverse

Powering the Metaverse – Intel is working on the plumbing for a persistent and immersive internet.…

I bought an Oculus Rift VR headset over 3 years ago and it failed last month. I called Oculus (owned by Facebook) and they traced the problem to a hardware failure in one of the touch controllers and sent me a new pair for free. (Headset is over 3 years old and out-of-warranty.) New controllers failed to solve the problem, and a string of tech support guys had me download the Oculus log from the software and then walked me trough some changes in the USB port power settings that restored everything back to health.

Not only are they investing in hardware, but customer service, too.

Never got that kind of treatment from a for-profit health insurer.


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I think Mark Z is smart; I don’t think he is Elon Musk smart.

Used to hold FB shares; today, I wouldn’t send him a penny.

His creepy arrogance drips from the TV screen when he is in front of Congress.

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