The same people say no one really dies from Covid

The same people say no one really dies from Covid

The snake oil salesmen are in heaven. The number of suckers had been unimaginable to the rest of us.


'Twas ever thus.

For as much as folk appear to pine for the Old Tyme vaccines that rid us of Smallpox (apparently they do!!) there were even naysayers back then!!. Fortunately writers and satirists of the day dealt with them a little less kindly than happens these days, and obviously believed in Mencken’s Maxim (the one about one horselaugh being worth a thousand syllogisms)

I’d look for a Dara O’ Briain skit on the topic … except if I find one I’d be watching it all morning and nothing would get done.

Lots of tributes to Jeff Beck floating across my radar screen this morning. I wonder how long it’ll be before the twitterati etc start JAQing off about a Covid link?

Just asking a question :thinking:

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If only he would have taken his prescribed silver every day because as we know Aristocrats ate off of silverware and lived to a ripe old age of 55.



Lynette Hardaway, aka “Diamond” of “Diamond & Silk” has died at age 51, Notorious anti-vaxxers, the only authoritative source I can find says “respiratory complications” without further attribution. Up until a couple months ago she was fine, attending political rallies, hosting podcasts and so on, so maybe the boogeyman got her?


Considering the fact that she died so young, she must have had serious health problems.

We have no idea. It is private information. Decorum from two sisters that never other wise practiced any decorum.


She died in North Carolina where death certificates are public record and NC is still a state that lists Covid-19 as a cause of death on such so perhaps we will know in a few days.