OT: Covid misinformation

Oh, it continues. As does Darwin.

“Diamond”, of “Diamond and Silk” fame, who vowed never to get a vaccination has died. Age 51. Respiratory.

This will continue, apparently forever, because some people you just can’t reach. Meanwhile in China…


She chose to be one of “Mother Nature’s” population control casualties.


Not that I was happy to see her mug on TV but your source is not what anyone would go by.

It is a biased blogger? or worse?

The cause of death was not released as of yesterday.

Omicron would not be respiratory. Delta was but covid mutated away from doing huge damage to the lungs.

I need a better source. No I am wont dig it up for myself. I do not care about her.

Diamond Hardaway received a verified Herman Cain Award two days ago. Congratulates are in order.


Ahh, one less ignorant creep to mess up folks who may have been mislead…

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