Mon and Dad moved Saturday.

The new facility sent transportation for the two of them.

What’s different between the old and the new facility?

The new facility is … the same (for all intents and purposes) as the old facility. Assisted living in one wing, memory care in another. Same kind of rooms. Same furniture (my brother moved it).

The new facility said there was no set of circumstances they could envision where Mom would have to move to another facility for “another level of care”. When she can no longer get out of bed they will order a hospital bed for her, and care for her there through hospice and death.

Some differences:

The new facility is smaller with only 48 beds.
The patients mill about more than they did in the other facility.
Memory care is much livelier.
When I visited Mom I met the 2nd shift nurse on duty. I don’t believe I ever met a nurse on duty at the other facility.
The cook took us to Memory Care as he delivered dinner. He said he bakes from scratch a lot. Sounds good to me.

It’s slightly pricier, but Dad’s insurance pays his, so they are breaking even.



This is so good to hear!