New banner destroys printouts

Hello Fools,

Am I the only Fool irritated by the new webpage banner (purple bar that hovers in place while scrolling pages) that now totally destroys your ability to print or save content to PDFs? The webpage banner covers up the content on the top of each printed or PDF page. The behavior is consistent across all browsers I tried (Chrome, Edge…).

As a Stock Advisor subscriber who travels very frequently, I save articles of interest to PDFs that I can review offline on flights. Now I can’t do that. I submitted feedback to the Fool and was summarily told that content is prioritized for the “online experience” and basically told “too bad”.

Wow. As a web savvy high tech executive, I think the Fool’s response is contrived because I consider the behavior a BUG and they do not consistently utilize this new webpage banner across all pages. It’s now hit and miss whether I can fully utilize the services I paid for…if this is the final answer, I am not renewing.

Irritated and Frustrated!


Am I the only Fool irritated by the new webpage banner

These days, probably so. Many are running ad removal SW, like ABP (Ad Block Plus). I never see banners/ads anymore. Ya might wanna give it a shot... (*yes, you can control which sites it blocks ads/banners on*)
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Simplest fix, even without an ad blocker is a selective Screen shot, your choice what area, what format, on a mac it’a Cmd+Shift+4, pick the area done… Win users likely have something similar…

Sorry this design change has caused you irritation and frustration. I’ve flagged your post for the design team, so we’ll see what comes of it.

Who thinks whomever said it was optimized for an online only experience was only half right because it is also optimized for a mobile experience as well, but there should also be consideration for those who want to save content for off-line consumption…

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Hello, windago,

Doug from the product team here. You are correct, this is a bug with the new navigation. Thank you for making us aware of it. I apologize you did not receive a satisfactory response from your initial contact with us about this.

Our team will look into the bug and should be able to get a fix out within the next two weeks.




Thank you for reporting the bug you found on with our print layout being affected by our new navigation bar.

Good news, we have fixed it! When you use your browser’s print feature now, you should no longer see a white banner blocking the contents of the article.

Fool On!

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