New Zoom Update just now

My Windows Zoom app client just received an Update Available notice. 4.6.20033.0407 (versions list is a bit confusing in regards to the release note version hmmm)

Release Notes 4.6.9

  • removes meeting ID from the title
  • move invite button
    New and enhance features
  • New security button in hosts meeting toolbar(need to try it)
    Minor bug fixes.

Clearly they had some easy changes that they could get out right away. I believe all hands are on deck.

I tried the new security button and it has a new host function to lock any additional users from joining. Guess this is zoombombimg solution.



ZM was just banned from GOOGL employees computers.



“ZM was just banned from GOOGL employees computers.”

That’s sort of like the CIA and the Feds imposing sanctions on Russia for spying.



Pot. Kettle. Black.


I just know my association, CPA British Columbia, starts to hold tons of live seminars for continuing education via zoom meetings. I think many professional may do the PD training through Zoom too. Those are paid customers for sure. Also I think zoom may be good for examinations.

Google Meet - rename marketing move:

Remote workers, meeters, streamers, and hangers-out, take note: Google’s Hangouts Meet is no longer called Hangouts Meet; it’s now called Google Meet.

The rebrand was made apparent yesterday in a Google Cloud blog post written by two of Google’s directors of product management, Karthik Lakshminarayanan and Smita Hashim. The blog post lists a number of privacy measures that Google Meet employs to keep remote meetings from being hijacked, and also refers to the service as Google Meet. Android Police found that a number of support pages had been updated with the new title as well.