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A company you own behaves differently to the market. Where do you look for quick, up to date news or an explanation?

I use MarketWatch, Finviz, Yahoo, Reuters and SA. Sometimes WSJ and Barrons. It would be interesting to know where others go. Suggestions gratefully received! I am always hoping to find a site that is sufficiently comprehensive not to have to search in different places.

(PS Thank you to those who helped with my question about V, MA etc.)


Yahoo! and SA but I also look at charts to put the moves into perspective.

I should mention that with most of my positions I have planned actions should they move one way or the other. More often than not it has to do with option trading. Covered calls are yielding about 5% which is what I’m using for spending money.

Denny Schlesinger


I use Yahoo Finance for news articles as well as the Motley Fool paid services if the company in question is a recommendation. If I cannot find any news, a quick post on the message board for the company usually provides the reason for the erratic stock movement.


I use a paid service for real time news.


Where do you look for quick, up to date news or an explanation?

The first place I look is the Motley Fool message boards for the company because often someone has already put the pieces together by the time I notice.

After that, the Yahoo Finance news links

Brokerage (IB) news feed
Motley Fool Boards
Morningstar (free site)

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