Non-financial boards now closed

I think this is a terrible decision. I’ll miss the Political Asylum, even as I participated only sporadically over recent years.


Holthusen - despite differences on said boards I always enjoyed your point of view, and your intellectual curiosity and knowledge. There were some animated but fun discussions back in the day

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Ah yes, the glory days about a decade or so ago :slight_smile:


Yes, I truly loved - - 2000-2012ish.

Yeah, there was mud wrestling and yeah I certainly did my share. But…I loved the opposing viewpoints. You, Dovbaer, so many others that at the time were my polar opposite but I never felt a scintilla of personal animosity between most of us.

Now, the game has gotten so infertile. It’s all 24/7 cable, blogs, tweets, likes. Each side has a media silo/ghetto they refuse to look beyond and each day - both sides mumble the daily talking points when they don’t bother to think about it. Would you believe - - I’ve not seen one minute of cable news for 3 years now----whereas in the time period you mentioned - I easily knew each Senator, each state, and pertinent facts on each. Right now - I’d probably know 25 out of a 100.

I miss it. Politics was my most favorite spectator sport. I loved the strategy, the debates, the Carvilles, Roves, Axelrods - it was always my wannabe profession to be a campaign strategist. On debate nights I’d have all my coaching notes ready for ‘my candidate’ and felt an ego rush when he said what I was telling him to say lol :).

Now when I look back I feel I was right on some things - but wrong on others. Hence I’m much more open and not “owned” by either side anymore and while I miss the game of politics, and I am disappointed that it’s of low WWF wrestling quality - -I feel so free in that I can like one side - but then appreciate ideas from the other side too.

Anyhow, always nice to see you on the boards… (would you believe, in a few years I’ll be visiting Europe. Imagine that. Me. In Europe LOL …not in an ambassadorial capacity don’t worry.

Just checking in here.

Is everything gone? All the private boards? The old threads?


No, not everything is gone.
Just have to try and map some of the old concepts to new concepts, and see if it works for you e.g. Favorite boards can be mapped to Categories, and the posts are in threaded mode.

Yes and no. The old boards are still available in read-only mode at . For how long - no one is saying. The last promise I heard was through the end of this month.

For boards that were not closed - and a lot of them were closed, including pretty much every social board and any board with limited activity - only posts from 2022 were migrated to this new platform. Except for Saul’s. That had everything transferred because - well - no one will say. Just because.

A quick review of the new terminology will help you get started getting around in this brave new world. Boards are now categories. Except for stock boards - those are now tags. Threads are now topics. Posts are still posts, but you can no longer see posts one at a time. You have to dredge through entire threads, including all of the nonsense from nitwits, to get to the bits worth reading.

Best of luck to you. Your new mantra here is “adapt or die”. A number of folks have chosen the latter over the former.