Not everyone suffers during periods of inflation


It is a scandal for another reason. The culling was seen coming in advance. It only takes 2 to 3 weeks I heard to raise another laying hen. There really was no shortage.

What did happen people who would have bought a dozen bought five dozen as if gold. That was our shortage.


Nope. It takes about 3 weeks to hatch a new chick, but it takes an additional 18-22 weeks (5-6 months) for it to develop into an actual egg-producing chicken. Productive life is max 3 yrs (continuously declining productivity each year), probably less. From memory, about 300 eggs first year (depends on breed) laying eggs, then maybe 250 the second year, and then 200 the third year.



Thanks…my bad and worse what I heard was in an NPR story.

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I was too lazy to look it up, but I know it takes my daughter’s hens a few months to start laying eggs consistently. I don’t think they save much money over store bought, but the eggs are large and have a thicker, richer yolk. Nationwide ifood inflation has made some small local producers more competitive.

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