Now THAT'S what you call a subway!

London puts New York to shame as it unveils gleaming new $25BN Elizabeth tube line in stark contrast to Big Apple’s crime and homeless-ridden network of filthy trains and stations

Crime on the New York City’s subway is soaring with four people murdered on trains already in 2022

The latest was the shooting of a Goldman Sachs employee on a Manhattan-bound Q train at 11.42am Sunday

That shooter - Andrew Abdullah - remains on the run two days after the senseless murder

By contrast, the London Underground showed off its gleaming new Elizabeth train line on Tuesday

Commuters rode in peace on sparklingly clean trains before disembarking in pleasant stations

On New York’s dank subway, passengers crammed onto old, dirty cars from platforms covered in trash

A night police force is being brought back onto NYC trains to crack down on the terrifying spike in crime…

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Where’s the NY Subway Pizza Rat?


…and that new line was two years late and Billions over budget.

The NYC subways were new and clean once upon a time too. My dad’s father helped build some of them.

Now we have “luminaries” like Sean Hannity bellowing that public transit is “a big gummit plot to take your freedom away”. (I heard him say that with my own ears)