OK I found a way to this board

The title has to be 15 and post has to be 20. Hmmmm

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Congratulation!! Now what?

I don’t know, I was so ready to throw the towel and slowly finding my way around the site. Separately, I am taking new responsibilities at work, and my free time is going to be severely reduced. So I may cut down my posting in general.

It would be nice if the rest of Jim’s fans could make it to this board. Value everyone’s opinion.

Obviously also hope Jim can find his way here!

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A difficult journey but (obviously) I found my way here, too.



Wow, I finally found my way here. I kept seeing no posts on the old board and thinking something had happened. Separately, of course, I knew that the Fool was changing its boards.

So here we go…



Glad to see it. I was worried this board and it’s unique angle on investing wouldn’t make the transition. I enjoy reading it

Happy to see you all here.

I like to think I’m pretty good at tech, but trying to figure out how to use this new-fanged interface…I feel old. I should probably have my kids tell me how this works.


Using the new boards will definitely make you more comfortable with it, but it won’t make it better. I “overposted” for a few days just to accelerate the process, but the new advantages are still the new advantages (editing, pictures, etc.) and the disadvantages are still disadvantages (navigation to specific posts, ease of jumping to favored posters instead of being forced to read everything in full thread mode, etc.)

This is one of the boards I lurk because it’s not generally my thing, but it’s often interesting. Others I more frequently post, but either way, I prefer the old.

And get off my lawn!