Poll: Is new interface worth losing people like Mungofitch?

  • Yes, new interface is so much better that it is worth losing posters like (Jim) Mungofitch
  • No, better to have old interface but still have posters like (Jim) Mungofitch

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I think this is a poorly constructed poll. The new interface is actually pretty nice once you get accustomed to it and folks who have departed or are deciding to depart most likely have reasons to do so beyond an internet board format.


I wonder what the results of a similar poll would look like on Saul’s board.

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I agree with KBGlenn. The old boards had people whining about them for years. Can’t edit, looks dated, etc. I just think we have a lot of old timers who hate change and rather whine about it then just deal with it.

Jim was and is great to read and he could easily post here if he wanted to and I sure don’t understand his desire to leave unless he was planning to anyhow. These boards work on any operating system I know of.


Jim was and is great to read and he could easily post here if he wanted to

No. He explained why he could NOT easily post here (Cause: His browser infrastructure; 1-2 months ago he explained in detail on the old MI board why that is as it is = in which way he uses the internet and will remain doing so, so that he will remain prevented from being able to easily post here).
folks who have departed or are deciding to depart most likely have reasons to do so beyond an internet board format.

I think the opposite is true, that for many the reason is exactly the same as for me who already mostly departed: The board format.

(Plus the — because of those departed ones —resulting lack of worthy discussions, creating a loop of further departing ones, leading to a lack of worthy discussions…)


The new format makes it hard to skim posts and has a number of other issues that have been brought up repeatedly. OTOH, one can post graphics and there are some other features that are good. I found the recent work by cwags02 on the BRK board to be very interesting, so that helped me get over the hump.

I put the old ‘boards’ such as MechanicalInvesting as ‘categories’ in the ‘sidebar’, except that ticker specific boards like BRK now have to be ‘tags’ in the sidebar. Also reduce the font if you typically don’t participate via mobile device.

From comments that Jim had posted at some point, he apparently was involved in the technology of how cookies do tracking, and so he was therefore very sensitive to and informed about the related privacy issues, and apparently his previous solution didn’t work on the new board. Plus, he said he had time constraints. A huge loss, but not entirely due to the new format. However, if TMF doesn’t archive old posts on very active boards like Mechanical Investing and BRK (apparently they do for Saul’s board?) then this will be a fatal mistake.


I don’t find skimming more or less difficult than the old board. My method…

Look on the gray panel…or my initials icon. Anything new or unread? Go there
If new read it (or not).

If an older thread but unread posts, use scroll tool (which handily leaves a red line where you left off), scan text while dragging the scroll tool down.

In fact I find this last new functionality far superior to the old board as I don’t have to open every message post to see if I’m interested or not. I can just eyeball it for a second to make a read/don’ t read decision (50 post link clicks not required just to crack something open to read it!)

Do I just want to read certain posters? While dragging down look at the posters name which is bolded. Again, different not hard…and for skimming, superior to the old boards in my view.


Additionally, if there were fewer posts about the new boards and old boards it would be quicker to scan the posts to find the real gems such as BRK vs SP500, cherry picking a starting date to make your case, is this post OT since it doesn’t mention BRK and only Tesla, when will BRK have dividends.



Thanks for your pointers, it all helps.

If “gray panel” refers to “side bar”, I know about that. If “my initials icon” refers to the avatar symbol, mine has got messages from some ‘discobot’ and undated links with poster’s name and post title. How do I use it and for what purpose? That’s a serious question.

How do I handle the following situation in the new scrolling format?
Many interesting threads can be long and spread over many days. Today is Monday, and I recall an interesting post by XYZ that I saw last Saturday but didn’t have time to really think about it and give a thoughtful reply, but I do today. Labels of ‘new’ or ‘unread’ don’t help me find Saturday’s post by XYZ and I don’t like having to scroll past content I don’t want to read to get to what I want to read. The dates are on the right and the poster’s name on the left, also makes it awkward. That said, older replies in the old format could get sort of lost in an active long thread, and a post submitted after the thread activity died down could go unnoticed. So ‘new’ and ‘unread’ definitely has utility. Agreed, the clicking in old format wasn’t always an optimal experience.

Maybe a middle ground is possible on the new platform? Just show the first few sentences of a post (yes, you’d have to click to show the whole thing) and please add a date next to the poster’s name for those of us who think linearly in time. ‘new’ and ‘unread’ has utility, but things now seem tilted towards that, and given that this is a public board a lot of what is ‘new’ should remain ‘unread’.

BTW, how do I pull up just my posts, or just someone else’s? That was a feature of the old format that I found useful. Perhaps I recalled this morning that that KBGlenn had some interesting post the other day, but I got busy, and now I have time so want to quickly find it by quickly looking at his most recent. You could do that previously, how do you do that now?


From the top…
If you remember the day and the board and the poster, use the scroll thingie to the right and go to the day. Or how about use that big microscope icon and type the poster’s name in? Everything that name has posted will show along with the board name. And let’s be truthful here, the former board’s search function completely sucked and was nigh on to useless.

And not to be mean, but really the date and the name is too far away!? Uh, push your computer back??? Your post is coming in at about 60-65% of my screen…no problem for me seeing both day and your name.

On advanced searches…click on the magnifying glass and then use the advanced search option…again, far superior to anything on the old boards.

I’m not a TMF person or trying to sell anyone on the new boards…but once you get used to them I think it’s a no brainer they are are more capable.

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Click your avatar. Youll see a “list” of users and topics.
See the little symbols off to the right?
Click one and see how it changes the list.

You can quickly see who is “liking”, “replying”, “posts you’ve bookmarked” etc to your posts.

Scroll down, see the little "person portrait " icon (a head and shoulders silhouette). Click it.
You’ll then see a list, one of which is “ACTIVITIES”. Click “Activities” and you’ll get to a list of posts YOU authored.

To see the head shoulders icon, on my mobile, i have to rotate to portrait (ie landscape hides it). As a matter of fact, if you are mobiling, and can’t find something, rotate to portrait… it might show up.

Click on XYZ avatar. In this screen, click the avatar again, click “activities”.
You may have to click the “summary” field, and then “activity”.

ralph is mobiling. If you’re on a computer… it should be similar.

Bonus tip 1 - go here, bookmark this page.

Bonus tip 2. A “hack” to achieve the old “reply later” function.
To book mark a page, scroll to the bottom, where the “like thumb” lives, click the 3 little dots ( … ) and choose the bookmark banner.

To get back to a page, youve bookmarked, click your avatar, and from the icons on the right, select the bookmark banner.