So, we are effectively an AI foundry. Huang said

{At GTC 2024, an annual conference held by Nvidia, CEO Jensen Huang unveiled a series of platforms and tools that will make it easier for developers to custom-build and deploy their own AI products based on pre-built AI models by Nvidia.

“So we are effectively an AI foundry,” Huang said in his keynote speech on Monday. "We will do for you and the industry on AI what TSMC does for us building chips.}

Nvidia aims to become 'TSMC for AI' with new software platform - Nikkei Asia.

Jensen is polishing Nvidia image.
ralph owns some NVDA.


Yeah, it looks like AI has become an irreplaceable part of many industries.

GROOT is coming.
{ which stands for "Generalist Robot 00 Technology.

NVIDIA says it is collaborating with several leading humanoid robot companies on GR00T and its other robotics initiatives. That includes names like
Agility Robotics,
Boston Dynamics,
Figure AI,
Fourier Intelligence, and
Sanctuary AI.
Nvidia could potentially do for robotics what it has done so far in AI: provide components and tools that other companies can build their own products on top of.
I added some paragraph breaks to list the robotics companies.

There were 9 humanoid robots on stage, not counting the Wall-ee looking things.

TeslaBot was NOT on stage

Of the 6 or so humanoid robot companies that I’ve looked into so far, there is only ONE that is public and available for your investment dollars - TSLA.

There may be a Chinese company that is public. But, IDK for sure.


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@CMF_muji post is worth the read.