OT: Barbie movie trailer

I have no idea if the Barbie movie is going to be any good, but the teaser/trailer is awesome.


The trailer will only appeal to adults who are old enough to remember the opening scenes of “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I can’t imagine the little girls who are the target audience of this film will find the scene of little girls smashing dolls appealing.

It’s clearly written a bunch of old guys in a room laughing and thinking they are clever. I hope they have the sense to show this totally inappropriate trailer to some focus groups before they release it.

By the way, I never liked Barbie dolls because I didn’t relate to the grown-up figure. I played with plenty of dolls and also made my own but they were little-girl dolls (not baby dolls). I think the sexualized live “Barbie” woman winking in the trailer is inappropriate for little girls. @PucksFool , you may think it’s awesome but you are not the mother or grandmother who will take the little girl to the movie theater.


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Hey, I’m not a father or a grandfather but I am an old guy who is usually not but occasionally, clever and I thought the same things when I watched it. 2001 A Space Odyssey? Nobody’s gonna “get” this. Not the messaging most people would want their children to see.

I get what you mean, or maybe I don’t. I don’t really understand the appeal of a Barbie & Ken movie at all so what do I know. But the director is Greta Gerwig, no small figure in terms of exerting a point of view in her films. Why assume it was written by a bunch of old guys in a room laughing and thinking they are clever. Maye it was Greta going having a poke at our assumptions about her instead.

In 2019 on the 50th anniversary of the July 19, 1969 moon landing Space Odyssey had a major cultural comeback. The Millennials and some of the Zs are keenly aware of the movie.

Paraphrasing Barbie herself, humor is hard. :person_shrugging:


I think the marketers are different than the director.

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Parents and grandparents still take kids to movies.


Folks when you think the younger generation does not know our icons…This trended on TikTok as perhaps the most remixed video of 2022 up there with a guitar lick by Pink Floyd.

This will blow you away like nothing else. She has always sang in her bare feet.

BTW she completely floors everyone and just takes it in stride like another day taking a walk in the park.

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Channeling Queen and Sandie Shaw…a two-fer.

At the risk of dating myself (even more) another oldie made young by Dionne Bromfield

Years ago (late 1970s maybe early '80s) I was at a continuing ed. conference and sat next to a bloke a few years older than me and got to chatting about this and that…and music.

He apparently played in a few bands at school and continued to dabble a bit when he went up to London University (Guy’s dental school) joining up now and again with one of his mates who went up to Imperial**. Anyhoo, his mum chastised him for wasting his time on all this “pop” music and told him he should settle down to a good career like dentistry. His mate went on to join with a few more like minded lads and formed a band. “You might’ve heard of them” he said … “Queen”.

Things to blame your mother for!

** Reckon it was Brian May.