OT: Becoming more nimble

As I’ve done my best to consolidate my portfolio, moving from ~55 to ~21 stocks this year, I’ve learned a great deal. Some from my successes, perhaps more from my failures. Trying to be nimble, but caught in my own bias.

I need to be more certain in my decisions, be more decisive in when I make trades. Learn more about the numbers that matter. As Tinker (?) says / does, read the transcripts to avoid the emotional bias of a good talking head on the video of same.

I’m sloughing off decades of buy and hold, with some cost in returns and some time in introspection.

Hardware stocks are about to join food and consumer retail stocks in my rear view mirror. A long, long-term FAANG beneficiary, I stayed with those well past peak. Or at least this peak. NFLX specifically grew to a great percentage of my ~55 stock portfolio, with tumultuous peaks and dips over a decade or more. NVDA was a 6-year hold for me until this week. Nimble, tripping over my bias, weeping.

Late to the party, I’m not celebrating the fantastic returns I read from Saul, et al. I’m ahead of the S&P, with a great deal more volatility. Finding my way, learning to sell is the hardest part for me so far.

‘Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…’

OT, thanks for trying to teach me to fish. I’ll get there.