OT - Biden warns Israel it is “losing support”

In his most critical remarks so far, President Biden told Israel’s leaders that they were losing international support for their war in Gaza, exposing a widening rift with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who rejected out of hand an American vision for a postwar resolution to the conflict that would put the Palestinian Authority in charge of the territory.

Biden described Netanyahu as the leader of “the most conservative government in Israel’s history,” one that he said did not “want anything remotely approaching a two-state solution” with the Palestinians. He warned that Israel was “starting to lose” support in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere because of its “indiscriminate bombing.”

Top aides to Biden have said the president believes that his full-throated support of Israel has given him more leverage to press Netanyahu for restraint. The rising tension comes as Biden seeks to persuade lawmakers in Washington to support more than $15 billion in additional aid for Israel’s military campaign.

Biden said that on Oct 10, 12, 18, 22…when has Biden not said that?