OT: Good morning

Just a stupid facebook post.

It is 7:48 AM Central Daylight Time.

Here on my balcony, it is almost too warm with the morning sun tanning the left side of my face. However, Andrew Huberman says getting 10 minutes of sun, not with sun clases on and not through a wind shield first thing in the morning helps immensely with sleep patterns.


The shore breeze is still blowing out of the north east. The summer pattern seems to be set. It should lay in about an hour then about 11:30 the sea breeze will start. Right now it is bringing the faint smell of someone smoking a brisket or pork loin.

That is not my day. Nor is attending the Gulf Coast Jam with a few 10 thousands of people nor sitting on the beach. I must get to work soon. I need to get the bedroom trim painted, clean out the garage, re establish my workshop in my master bedroom and be prepared to start the master bedroom closet installs next week. I would hire it done, but there are no contractors at any price.

I need to complete my tasks before 5 as we have a date at the No Name Bar to have some drinks and watch boats swing at anchor at 5. The tourist don’t know about this place.

So, my coffee cup is as empty as this post is of intelligence, it is time for me to go.

Buenas Diaz mi amigos!