OT: John Lennon got it all wrong

I mocked people who got seat warmers in their car. I disparaged them, denigrated them, belittled and scorned them.

Ms. Wolf needed something from the store this afternoon. We’re experiencing sub-freezing weather, snow squalls, and wind chills that would make an Emperor Penguin buy thermal underwear.

So I masochistically volunteered to make the run in our new 2024 loaded (at least I wasn’t) vehicle. And you know what? John Lennon got it all wrong. Happiness isn’t a warm gun. Happiness is a warm tush.

I guess when you only buy a car once every 12 years, you realize they made some improvements! 1

1: Like they even have a rear wide angle camera so you don’t have to twist your neck like a Great Horned Owl (or Linda Blair in the Exorcist) when you back up.

Seat heaters are cool! Oxymorons aside.


Just make sure you turn it off before your nether regions start cooking.

The heated steering wheel though, that can stay on the whole time.


An Experienced Chicago Driver


My current sled as seat warmers. I turned them on a couple times, while the car was in warranty, to make sure they work. Haven’t used them since…and it gets frosty in metro Detroit, like zero for a low, and 8-9 for a daily high, this past week. Mark it down to my Gallic/Saxon/Norman (slightly civilized Viking) gene pool, if you wish. I put it down to insisting on fabric upholstery, rather than vinyl or leather.



My car has 5 seat warmers!!! It’s my wife’s favorite feature … and we live in Florida!


Once a month, I work with a group of volunteers that builds hiking trails in south central Indiana. (https://www.hoosierhikerscouncil.org) Bending over with a Pulaski and a shovel for 6+ hours is hard on this septuagenarian’s back. I use the heated seat to get a little warmth up to my back after our work days. I’ve even used it in the summer with the AC on.


When it is cold out I always take the electric car, because it has seat heat and steering wheel heat. I didn’t know it at the time, but turns out, I love both those things.

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My wife loved them, too. I didn’t like it and never used it. In the OC (So Cal version), so pretty temperate weather, tho we do get a bit colder than FL.

You will get 20% less in gas milage like everyone’s EV gets in the winter. I’d go back to horses and buggies.