OT:Lay Man & IC Technician Look at Lightning PU


Their only complaint was the 230 range on the standard truck.
When they put the vehicle on the lift you can see Ford has metal panels protecting the battery pack.
The acceleration is very good.

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Reminds me of my experience with the Mercedes 300 SL. I was impressed with the car not that I had ever even been close to one. One day I saw one at a service station and I asked an attendant if he would, please, open the hood for me. He did and all I saw was a nightmare of pipes and hoses. You didn’t need a mechanic to fix that car, you needed a plumber! I fell out of love.

Several years later (1965) I bought a Corvette Stingray. Open the hood and all you see is a huge engine and that’s about all there was.

Cars sure have gotten complicated.

The Captain