How to sort this board

OT: I got a question emailed to me on this, figured I would just throw this out as a PSA for any others that aren’t aware of how to sort these fool mssg boards.

I am sure others have more advanced tricks, but here are some really simple basics:

When you first open a board, but before you click on any specific posts, you can see there is an “author” column header. That is a sortable column.

If I want to see the past several posts that Saul has written or CMF_muji or ethan or darth, I usually go to the last post I can find written by them and open it.

Then click on the board name, so that you get a view of posts starting with the post you had just opened by the author you want to sort by. Now click on “author” and the board will alphabetize. Now you can click “prev” or “next” on the far right of the screen to go back and forth.

Another thing you can do is sort the board by “Recs” if you have time to research and get a bit of historical perspective of top posts on the board and what info they discussed.

All this should be the same process whether on desktop/notebook or mobile device, I believe.

I am realizing I am not good at explaining this, but hopefully it made a bit of sense. If anything has a link to some TMF posts that give better descriptions of ways to sort, and also search, the boards, that may be more useful.



OT, but here’s a link to Sauls posts. This is the result of clicking on one of his posts and sorting by author.…

Fool on,