OT: My Apologies

I am at least more or less up to date with the postings on this board.

I am a dreadfully slow reader. I always have been. In 8th grade I was sent to a remedial reading class. In high school I took and Evelyn Wood speed reading class. None of it helped. I am a meticulous but slow reader. A typo, a grammatical mistake, any little abnormality in writing gives me pause and forces me to re-read the sentence in order to determine what it really says. Even if everything is just fine, I still read slowly, as if I were reading aloud.

And I have a literature/philosophy degree which entailed 1,000s of pages of weekly reading. I just didn’t sleep much or often.

I’m apologising because I’ve just realised that I’ve received a lot of replies to my posts that I never responded to. If you’re one of those folks I didn’t acknowledge, it’s not because I’m rude (truth be known, I can be rude), but mostly I’m just slow. Now, a month or two later, it seems ludicrous to respond to stale posts.

Sorry, I’ll try to do better and keep up, but no promises.