OT? Remembering another atrocity

Remember Rwanda? In 1994?

Well this ain’t about Rwanda.

And then there is the ME shindig that ran from 1979 til… well it’s still going.
(I’m choosing Russia enters Afghanistan as a starting point, but of course ME has been turmoil for much longer. Read Leon Uris’ “The Haj” for some older stuff.)

But, this also ain’t about ME.

An Indian/Hindu friend alerted me to a new Indian movie:

The Kashmir Files | Official Trailer I Anupam I Mithun I Darshan I Pallavi I Vivek I 11 March 2022

The Kashmir Genocide, the movie’s story line, occurred in 1990.

I was self absorbed in 1990, and have NO recollection of this event.
Kashmir Valley is the very North Western “point” of India. There are three parts: the Chinese controlled area, the Pakistani controlled area, and the Indian controlled area between those.

Here are some messages my friend wrote:
This movie is making a lot of Noise in India. Apparently Indian film industry people are scared to even promote this movie.

The Kashmir Files’ is a story, based on video interviews of the first generation victims of the Genocide of Kashmiri Pandit Community In 1990.

The events of 19 January 1990 were particularly vicious. On that day, mosques issued declarations that the Kashmiri Pandits were Kafirs and that the males had to leave Kashmir, convert to Islam or be killed. Those who chose to the first of these were told to leave their women behind.


This is just one example of how things were.

“Pandits were Kafirs”
Kafir is a term similar to “unbeliever” or perhaps “infidel”. The Hindus in the Kashmir area are “Pandits”.

In the 2000s, Thai friends told me about similar instances in which “Kafir” (Buddhist) populated areas were taken over in Thailand.

In the 2010s, Filipino friends told me similar stories about Philippine islands and parts of Indonesia in which Xtian and “Indigenous” populations were converted…

These Thai and Filipino events apparently happened in the 1990s and 2000s.

The Wikipedia link above, paints an “it’s complicated” picture.

ralph now knows a little more world history.


Kafir is a term similar to “unbeliever” or perhaps “infidel”.

When I read that word in your post, I first thought of it’s South African usage.

Kaffir (Arabic: “kaffer”, /'kæf?r/,[1] Sarnami: “kafri”[2]) is an ethnic slur which is used in reference to black Africans in South Africa. In the form of cafri, it evolved from its religious origins during the pre-colonial period in Eastern and Southern Africa, where the term was adopted by colonists in reference to the pagan Bantu peoples, and it was eventually used in reference to any black person during the Apartheid era. This designation came to be considered a pejorative by the mid-20th century, and today, it is considered extremely offensive.



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