Other Companies of Inerest

Here are some companies that I own in tiny quantities. Smaller cap with room to grow.

STOCK     MKT Cap         WHAT

VERI        0.25       AI platform software for the non-AI trained (ala AYX for data science)
STEM        2.5        SaaS to manage battery storage and usage both in-house and to/from grid
BRZE        3.5        Platform for customer engagement, multi-channel
NCNO        4.0        Software platform for digital banking customer interface
AYX         4.5        Democratizing data science and analytics.
GLBE        5.3        Cross-border payment platform.
MNDY        5.8        Roll your own digital operating system.

These can have a place in a 30-stock portfolio. AYX is a little long in the tooth but the others
are fairly young companies, enjoying good, if not hyper growth.



thanks for bringing some company names on here.

I was thinking recently how stale we have gotten…seems we can’t/don’t talk about anything outside of the usual tech suspects (DDOG, ZS, MDB, SNOW) or former darlings that are now broken toys like TWLO or OKTA, etc…

MNDY GLBE and others would have been more interesting if they didn’t all debut in an already-ballooned market.

GLBE should have been a mid-June buy…don’t know what I was thinking. I may have bought a bit, but sold quickly, due to expectations of further market carnage.

I blew a good chance this year to waltz in on potential upcoming market lows with even more cash.
Mid-June was a missed oppty for me.

If we retrace/retest June lows for any companies I really like longer-term, I likely take big chunks.
The concern has been, and continues to be (for me) that what if we are equivalent of early 2001 and there is still more room to fall? Or perhaps a closer analogy is 2008-2009. Either way.