Party Bus Rodeo Fun

A 2,000 lb rodeo bull named “Party Bus”, demonstrated amazing agility at the Sisters, Oregon annual rodeo.

Party Bus, the jumping bull at Sisters Rodeo, 'athletic, dangerous'

“It may have been the first time in Oregon a bull jumped a rodeo fence”

Bulls obviously getting stronger and smarter. {{ LOL }}



As long as they keep them out of the Beer gardens I am fine with it.


Maybe the first time in that state, but bulls have been jumping fences at rodeos and bull fights for a very long time…because every one of those incidents makes the “news”, repeatedly. I saw that piece from Oregon on the “news” Sunday, and again on Monday. That baseball team from the college that went out of business has been on the “news” at least three times, that I have seen, so far. I call the segment on the local news between the weather and sports “the freak show” because stuff like “stupid criminals” and " people behaving badly" fill that segment.


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Bulls also jump fences when the hot cows are on the other side.

Rodeo bulls are well known for their intelligence.
They’ve learned over the years that when a rider is in place, to ‘put on a show’. The ‘experts’ claim the bulls KNOW they are performing.

I’m not surprised no one was really hurt. Nor that the bull ‘seemed to know where he needed to go’.

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