Photos not going to iCloud

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iPhone 12 plus and still using Windows 7. Several months ago, but I don’t know when or why, I noticed that none of my new photos I took in iPad or iPhone were automatically being downloaded on my PC to iCloud. I can’t see anywhere that Msft have stopped supporting this because of the old OS I am using and just wondered if with any recent iPhone upgrades I did something to cause this, don’t think so but some here may have the answer, I hope so. Thx. (gives you all a chance to try out your new skills on TMF new system. :laughing:)Took me a while, but starting to get the hang of it.

I’m not sure I’m getting the flow here. Having your phone sync pictures to iCloud is pretty standard (though I have not turned that on myself). I’ve never seen a way to sync photos from my phone to my Windows PC; I connect with a USB cable and then copy the files manually. I think there is supposed to be a way to have iCloud copy photos (and other things?) to my PC, but I haven’t tried that either. What are (or were) your flows between these?

Thx RH,
Yes, what you say is correct. I can only tell you that in the past, up until a few months ago, everything was done automatically to the cloud on my PC. I have it synched automatically to upload and store all photos and videos in iCloud from all my devices. I now do it manually the way you described, but that’s a pain in the …so I am just wondering if Msft is not supporting Win 7 anymore for this facility as what esle could it be? Thx.