Please help - OT - social service for young adult

I know this is off topic, but I think many of you have navigated the social services systems and hopefully can suggest ANYTHING. I have a 25 year old granddaughter with severe mental problems… She has a psychiatrist and pshchologist… no one can get her to check herself into the hospital… I was remembering back to my brother (adult) and you guys suggested many things to get him moved into assisted living… he was a Head Injury person, if you all remember… Anyway, I believe somewhere along the way, I could hire a social services professional to sort of evaluate the situation and give me info in the state where he resides… Is anyone familiar with this? Her parents are at their wits end… they need help desperately… I am trying to help them get info about the social services in the state of New York. Does anyone have any info on how to find an individual who can help them navigate and figure out what is available to them? They are at the point of stopping all funds, and having her move to a shelter and be homeless… We are desperate to get any info. Thank you all so much, and sorry for posting off topic, but you are all so knowledgeable. I appreciate any info you might know…



Sorry to see there are no replies. I guess this is the wrong place to post this. If anyone has any suggestions on a place to get info, please let me know…

I’m sorry there are no replies. I’m not sure there is an on-topic place for your question. Insert rant #418 on the decline of TMF discussion boards.

Might try a more trafficked place, like METAR. They at least tolerate some off topic discussion, and a humanitarian topic like this is unlikely to generate complaints.

As to your granddaughter, it’s very hard to get someone help who doesn’t want it. My thoughts would go to trying to get a conservatorship over her. It’s not easy, and there are plenty of opportunities to ruin relationships (see Britany Spears). But it might allow someone (maybe her parents) to be put in charge of medical decisions for her.



You didn’t mention what part of New York you are from.

The following has been round for many years ( since 1800’s ) located here on Long Island, New York and a future location at the East End.

They have Inpatient services as well as Outpatient Services.

Hope this can be some assistance and perhaps they can redirect to a service nearest your location.

Quill -

Hi Peter and Quill, Thank you both so much for your suggestions. Well, yesterday was a busy day, the granddaughter ended up in the hospital and is now getting much needed mental care. She lives in Brooklyn, so I am not familiar with anything there… Her parents live in Austin, TX so they are figuring out things as they go. I am just trying to help from afar and doing any research that I can on what steps might be in the future. I am going to check into conservatorship. Too bad that Britney Spears situation has given conservatorship a bad name. I think it might be needed in this situation. Thank you for the info. I just needed a starting point I think, and TMF boards are usually a good place to go for me. Anyway, thank you.