Portfolio Update

After recent activity the roster is down to only 6 players:

Prior to this morning.


  1. DDOG: 20% of Portfolio

  2. UPST: 19.4%

  3. MNDY: 18.7%

  4. ZS…: 13.3%

B) Bench

  1. S…: 7.7%

C)Scout Team

  1. ZI…: 3.4%

Balance in Cash

Note: I added to all 4 STARTERS today so the percentages will go up a bit but I consider these adds a TBs. As a rule I am uncomfortable with positions that exceed 15% - however, with the RTHG strategy I have been consistently lightening less confidence companies and pushing the funds into higher confidence positions.

Prior to today’s sell-off the portfolio was down YTD by only 6 points.

All the Best,