Public Stats are Creepy

I can see Stats on all users without logging in. Some of these are acceptable as public information. Some should not be public. This privacy issue makes this website unusable for me.

Followers 51, Joined Jun 20, '21, Last Post 4 days, Seen 5 mins, Views 95, Trust Level basic user
STATS: 8 days visited, 1h read time, 29 topics viewed, 299 posts read, 373 given, 13.0k received, 79 topics created, 151 posts created


I’m curious, which of the stats you listed there are acceptable as public information and which should not be public?


I agree that this is really concerning. Last seen, number of posts/topics read and time spent reading them are personal matters and should not default to be shown to other users. These aren’t things you choose to share by taking a publicly visible action.

Looks like you can hide last seen with “Hide my public profile and presence features”, although I have no idea why those two are bundled as a single option.

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Could you please point me to where I can hide that info? Thanks!

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Hi @LouellaP - I’m not @Raylight but I think I can help you find this setting. Here is a screen print of where to find it.

Preferences / Interface / Other → Hide my public profile and presence features

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much! I never would have looked for a privacy preference under “interface.”

By the way, it seems this setting needs to be set separately on the free boards and the premium boards.

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This has been fixed. Thank you MF.