Putin wins Russian election

They are counting the votes next week :slight_smile:

…and the other 12.2% of voters will be on their way to forced labor camps.


I guess the bloodbath will continue.

Sounds like soap operas, all made up. Even Hugo Chavez only managed to get 70% of the vote in Venezuela’s last clean and fair election (1997). As clean and fair as elections can be.

Note, in previous elections the far left, including all the multiple far left parties, only managed to get 15% of the vote, the reason why I was confident that Chavez could not win.

The situation in Venezuela, after seven democratically elected socialist presidents, the economic situation had degenerated to the point that people were happy to elect a Messiah, an army officer who had led a bloody failed coup just a few years earlier. I had a discussion with a friend who was going to vote for Chavez. His argument, “We need a strongman to put things in order.” I told him, “Chavez is no Marcos Perez Jimenez,” the military dictator deposed in 1958. Perez Jimenez was a ‘good’ dictator except for politicians with opposing political opinions.

I believe that the so called far right (accused of being fascists) are resurging in opposition to the ideology of the past few decades. Always awaiting the next Messiah.

The Captain

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North Korea knows how to hold elections:


I am worried about you.

Not in Switzerland, can’t think of any reason why: