Question for Saul.

First I want to thank you for your post on HUBS. It does show great returns and the market is responding positively. I feel the same way, good returns and positive results.
My concern however is regarding my big three holdings. They are SHOP, PACY and ANET
SHOP showed what I thought to be good returns. Revenue down a little but not too much and earnings for the first time on the positive side at $.05 per share. All in all a good report.
PACY showed just average returns certainly nothing tragic. And ANET which hasn’t even reported yet is down over 5% based on an article that showed fear of what might be in the report.
My thinking is that there is a lot of profit taking going on and I am planning on holding on to see what the future holds. Before I found this board and all the good info coming out of it I probably would have sold these and regretted it later.
Besides the HUBS post would you post some of your thoughts regarding these 3 also?