Rally Research Expedition: Part 2

Rally Research Expedition Part 2.

Note 1) I am an amateur investor and all that.

This list is simply the remaining companies I looked at irrespective of anything contained in Rally Research Expedition: Part 1.

  • FROG - Rallied by 41.6%


While JFrog is not a ‘Saul’ stock, its recovery from the pits of sell-off despair has certainly been impressive. As such it’s getting a little Mo. Its Revenue Growth is accelerating as evidenced by the results in its last 4 QTRLY reports:

Most recent first: 41.3%: 38.7%; 38.1%; 33.8%

Here is the Press Release from its most recent report:


A lot of pretty good stuff in that report.

  • NARI Medical - Has rallied by 41%


I had NARI on the Scout Team at one time until suddenly I didn’t. Its Revenue Growth is Decelerating rapidly; although, it’s a nice company with a solid product. My thinking then was that it was a one trick pony and I suppose if I actually thought more about it I would still think the same thing or something similar.

Here is the Press Release from their latest ER:


  • LSPD - Has rallied by 41%


LSPD was in the kewl kids club for a few QTRS until something triggered a mass exodus. The company is a e-Commerce enabling thingy and a serial acquirer making it difficult to figure out organic growth - although, in the long run I am never sure why that matters. There are two things you can’t fake in life: 1) Money in the Bank; and, 2) The Bubonic Plague. Ok…I might have gotten that second thing wrong. I dunno. Anyway this is another company that started fast out of the gate (Revenue Growth) and then has faded fast ever since.

Here is the Press Release from their latest ER:


  • MNDY - Recovery Factor 40.5%


Monday was a ‘Saul’ stock and then it wasn’t; but, has risen from the graveyard of former kewl kid companies to once again bask in the warmth of genuine true love. Or something like that. They got tripped up by Recent Guidance indicating slowing growth; which, is just like the Achilles heel for high growth companies.

Here is the Press Release from its latest ER:


  • JAMF - Has Rebounded by 39.5%. Very respectable!


They are in it with Apple somehow or way. I always get these guys confused with JMIA; which, as far as I know, is not in it with Apple. Anyway, Revenue Growth is in the low 30% range and not a bad company at all - just not something I would normally look at. Still - nice sell-off recovery though.

Here is the Press Release from their latest ER:


  • JMIA - Has rallied by 36.8%

I don’t get the love for JMIA. Several of my services really like it and its the best, maybe the only (as far as I know), e-Commerce play in Africa. Their recently partnered with UPS after losing so many delivery drivers to the lions. They did manage 47.6% Revenue Growth in their last ER and a lot of the metrics they reported were actually really good.

Here is the CC Presentation for their latest ER:


  • FVRR - Rebounded by 36%


I really like FVRR a lot - just not as an investment just now. And just because the stock is a train wreck doesn’t mean the company is - well…cause its not. The gig economy is only going to get stronger and FVRR is the clear leader. Recently the Bank of America highlighted the top 10 themes for the world going forward. (Sure - as if they know) and FVRR was one of their selections in one or another of their themes. You can peruse the entire list here:


Anyway, just like a University Athletic Director you should keep a list of potential new coaches in your back left pocket. You just never know: So…I put some of the BoA selections on the list. Just in case - you just never know. (Note - If you keep a list of potential new investments in your left back pocket be sure to take it out before sending cloths to the cleaners. Just a tip.

Not only has FVRR Revenue Growth fallen off a cliff - but it’s woeful Guidance was the fantastically poor.

Here is the Press Release:


  • ROKU - Has Rallied 36%


A lot of the services really still like ROKU a lot. And perhaps it may be that holding for at least 5 years really does work. Unfortunately and most likely - I will have already forgotten to check on ROKU by then. Unless…of course, they blow up and become GOOG like. Then I will lament my poor judgement in kicking poor ROKU to the curb when it was a contender all along. Or something like that.

Here is the Press Release from their Latest Report:


  • ASAN - Has Rebounded by 34.3%


Asan was left behind when MNDY was adopted into the fold. Since then the stock has gotten destroyed Why?
Mostly because a lot of Analysts lowered their price targets after the company’s FQ1 report which had a lot of dandy issues including Cash Burn, Margin Issues all amid a wider Q1 loss. That’ll do her for sure.

Here is the Press Release from that report:


  • PINS - Rallied 33%

Look what the cat drug-in! PINS seems to have a nice platform but its jump shot is a little awkward. Maybe too much left hand…I dunno…something. Revenue Growth is hovering somewhere in the high teens and the big headlines after its latest report included words and phrases like, ‘Not as bad as feared’ and ‘just good enough’; which, are really nice and all but reek of your EX trying to find something nice to say about your new wife. Or something like that.

Here is the Press Release to that Report:


  • OKTA - Has rallied by 31.5%

Sure…OKTA’s Super Hero cape might be a little worn and its tights a little snug around the waist but it has rebounded pretty dang well for its age. I credit that to talent, industry and investor sentiment that its glory days are not gone just yet:


And you know what? Those investors would be right. The company Revenue Growth has both accelerated over the last four QTRS AND is perched with a pretty firm grip in the mid-sixties:

Most Recent First: 65.21%; 63.17%; 61.32% and 57.4%

Here is Press Release from their latest ER:

  • COUP - Rebounded by 30.2%

You remember COUP right? Once a Headliner now just a Warm Up band. COUP has lost just over 74% the last year. Why? Thats easy: Tech’s fall from grace and a steady and accelerating decline in Revenue Growth. These guys are in the teens now and perhaps still dropping.

Here is the Press Release for their latest ER:


A Brief Time Out

That concludes all the companies that I looked at that rallied by 30% or better. The remaining companies presented below are in many cases really solid companies - just not fodder for high growth frenzy. Could be a pony in the pile somewhere and many would make good longer term investments for investors who gravitate to less risk and more corpulent portfolio rosters. Then again - some of them could go on a profit and revenue run and rise to the greatest highs - and all that.

SHOP +29.4%

TEAM +28.7

TWLO +28.5

SMAR +28.5

AYX. +27.9

SQ… +26.8

TTD. +25.6

FOUR +25.3

ETSY +24.8

ZI… +24.4

MGNI +24.3

HUBS +23.4

MELI +23.1

APPS +20.2

TSLA +18.8

AMPL +16.7

GOOG +16.0

AMZN +15.0

ABNB +12.4

NVDA +11.7

AAPL +9.8%

And that concludes the Rally Research Expedition. As for the three questions I left at the end of PART 1 the answers to each is simple: I dunno. Each investor might look at these short term results differently. For me - its seems entirely logical that those companies who rallied the best during the last week or so - might be the companies whereby investors have higher expectations. Maybe - maybe not.

All the Best,