Request for another board xfer

There are two boards dedicated to supporting Apple products: Apple Users Group and Apple IOS Help. And there is a board dedicated to supporting Linux (and *nix in general) computers, Linux User’s Group. Finally, the board for support of Android Users is, well Android Users.

All of these boards appear to be slated for termination as non-financial boards. I recommend they be kept.

Yes, there is also the Help With This Stupid Computer board, which would appear to be sufficient for all computers. But there is a benefit to having separate boards for different systems. The most important reason would be that it makes it easier for those seeking help to find the help they need. They won’t have to wade through posts that have no hope of helping them. It also helps those knowledgeable posters who are providing the help. Many specialize in a single type of system and can’t help with other systems. Again, they would need to wade through multiple posts that are outside their area of expertise to find posts where they could help.

So keeping these help boards separated by operating system helps all the way around.

I would also suggest making it more apparent that HWTSC is a Windows board by renaming it appropriately. Rather than turning it into a dumping ground for all kinds of computers, let it specialize in a single operating system like the other boards.


PS - you might consider doing the same for a couple of software help boards, too.


Peter, I do not disagree with you. But when I suggested that the Mastering Quicken board be considered financial, I was told that since Quicken has its own support community forums, it was not necessary for the TMF Community.

Unfortunately, that same argument could be made for computer support - there are plenty of vendor, blog and other tech sites. The bottom line is that the decisions to close non-financial boards has been made and that includes reviewing all of the current boards. I don’t see them changing their minds.

Who really has no influence over these decisions and is just trying to help member Fools understand them…

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