Russian PoW's film shows cruelty, cost & cha

Russian PoW’s film shows cruelty and chaos as bungled Ukraine invasion crumbles,

Russian tank officer says soldiers become ‘scraps of meat’ and ‘mince’ in video

Yuri Shalaev, 23, defies Kremlin orders to stop using mobile phones to film war

‘95 per cent of the occupiers do not take their phones’ said Anton Gerashchenko

The video highlights the military uncertainty amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

They also obtained his text message conversations with 172 other soldiers involved in the invasion, exposing dismay over heavy losses, fury with shoddy equipment, incidents of troops refusing to fight and ill-equipped riot police being sent into battle.

Three days after the war began, for example, one soldier says there are three trucks filled with corpses from five regiments. ‘That is true,’ says another recruit, before adding: ‘Many just ran away.’…