Second-guessing the Chart.

The $US dollar has been on a rip for a month. But it looks to be topping out and getting ready to roll over.…

The UUP/UDN pair is one way to trade the $US dollar (rather than in a proper forex account). There are also mutual fund pairs: RDPIX/FDPIX (1x/-1x) and RYSBX/RYWBX (2x/-2x). Currently, I’m long RYSBX. But I submitted a sell order just now. Furthermore, if it’s time to pull off the long, then it’s time to put on a short. So that order was submitted as well. Will the trade work? Who knows? But the only way to learn the game is to play it.

The longer-term goal is this. The mother of all economic and market crashes is coming. Period. End of story. It’s going to happen, just as it always happens when easy money and bad economic policies enable speculative bubbles. So the only thing to decide is whether to defend against the crash, or to try to benefit from it. Trading long/short pairs until a bottom is put in is my current plan.


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UUP --as a proxy for the $US-- closed yesterday at 27.66. Today, near noon Eastern, it’s down 0.19 at 27.47. So my guess about a change of trend was correct. Made an avg of 70 beeps per market day on my long. Should be ITM on my by day’s end. (Mutual funds price EOD.)

Today, went went long energy, and short real estate and treasuries.

As simple as the game of trading mutual funds seems on the surface, there’s a ton to learn. But the money seems to be decent, and it’s an easier gig than trying to trade intraday.

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