SHOP - Zach's Strong Sell

Maybe SHOP is down today on this. Though the article says Mar24 is when Zach’s first made the downgrade, sometime yesterday they apparently reposted.…

Maybe they didn’t like SHOP continuing to rise, so they reposted?

-FrickNFool (who sees conspiracies everywhere)


Bought a small position today.


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I always get the impression with Zacks that there are no people there at all, only computers. I have often seen strange, even bizarre pronouncements which could only have been made mechanically.

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It must be machines.

On my daily portfolio, Zach’s has Shopify rated F on Value. Makes sense.

But it has it rated B on Growth? Was it rated B, because revenue was only up 89% for the year? Does that mean there are a whole category of stocks rated A that are up more than 89%?

And worse, it was rated D on Momentum ??? D on Momentum ??? Shopify ??? When they gave it that rating it was up over 150% from when I first bought it in less than a year, and was moving up a dollar a day. Who makes those ratings?



That drop Shopify took yesterday apparently improved its momentum, as its momentum rating moved up to C today. Oh well…

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