Shrinkage: Turkey Hill Ice Cream 1.44 qt. Used to be 1.50

There probably was a day you could buy half a gallon of ice cream. 2 qt = 64 oz.

Over time it shrank to 1.5 qt = 48 oz. But now the shrinkage continues. Abt 4% this time. 1.44*32 = 46.08.

Turkey Hill Rocky Road used to be a favorite in NJ. (It’s from Pennsylvania Dutch country.) Finally made it to St. Louis abt two years ago. This is first time they had Rocky Road. On sale in shrunk package. I was disappointed.

Fortunately for me, the only flavor of ice cream I want is vanilla. Fortunate because Costco’s Kirkland brand only comes in one flavor. Vanilla. I am also fortunate that it is (in my opinion) a very good vanilla.

Two half-gallon tubs in a box.

(Full disclosure, I am a Costco stock holder. One lot, purchased September 23, 2009. Up 921.72%.)


I am constantly amazed how good the Kirkland products are. In most cases they are as good, sometimes better than the brand names they emulate. I find that not to be true of other store brands, particularly at Kroger, Sam’s, Food City, etc.

I am much more willing to take a shot at a Kirkland’s substitute; their batting average is surprisingly high.

thanks for the tip. I haven’t bought ice cream in at least a year, Bryers used to be a favorite but the quality and quantity went down while the price went up, so screw that, lol. I’ll give the Kirkland brand a try, vanilla is my favorite flavor.

Blue Bell ice cream is still full 1/2 gallon.
Natural Vanilla bean is the best - homemade vanilla pretty good too.

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I stopped buying Breyers a few years ago when they were forced to call it “Frozen Dairy Dessert” rather than “Ice Cream” due to not having enough cream in it!