So where are they?

These boards that will remain, but in read-only format (per the outdated announcement of proposed closure that was still up at 9.20 am)

Just wait a little bit and check the Best Of (24 hours version).

The only posts that show up will be for live boards. And I suspect that most boards that don’t have at least one post show up on the Best Of within the next few days will never have traffic again.

It has reduced my Favorites & Replies list to 17 so far, a third of what was many other interests, including the Apple support boards, which, while slow, helped folks out of a bind…

There are alternatives, but not the old connections many of us had in a variety of boards… Not everything in our world is financial…

So be it, it seems… Thud.


Clearly, this should have been announced in advance … indeed, it should have been discussed in advance … two way back and forth.

It was, by banners on boards that were going to be closed, but hints seemed to point to it being a ‘sometime in summer’ event, not the Monday morning thud today… Their game, their play…

Closing Spreadsheet Advice was stupid.


These boards that will remain, but in read-only format

Just like all other closed boards, they can be accessed by typing the board name in the “Board” box below in the “find” area.


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It seems that TMF powers that be have done just about everything I can think of to p!$$ off as many of us as possible in the ways they have been “handling” these board closures. This summary zero warning implementation being just the latest act. Unbelievably idiotic on their part.