Some news folks!

Hi all,

I have some exciting news to share, folks.

I ‘m joining the TMF Australia analyst team!!!

I will initially be working on the PRO Australia service, with guess who — Joe Magyer of the Inside Value fame —- and the very talented and very Foolish Matt Joass.

I ‘m thrilled to have this opportunity. Ever since I visited Fool HQ in March 2014, I have been wanting to work for the Fool. I did say so in my post following my visit to the Fool HQ:…

It’s been quite a journey. I became a member in 2011, initially becoming a member of the then newly launched Fool AU Share Advisor service. Share Advisor recommends one ASX and one US listed stock each month. Through the Share Advisor service, I got super excited about the US investment opportunity (mostly because of my tech background), and at that time we had a very favourable AUD to USD exchange rate. That’s how I landed up subscribing to a bunch of Fool US services. The boards kept me totally hooked to the Fool US services. (At that time, Fool AU didn’t have boards.) In 2015, I signed up to ticker guide TTS and became a Community Member Fool (CMF). And now, I will be joining the analyst team here in Australia. I ‘m excited to have this opportunity, and I ‘m looking forward to learning and contributing. Having Joe Magyer as my mentor is well, awesome.

The Fool has been in Australia for about 4 years. Fool Australia is tiny compared to the Fool US, is ably supported by Fool HQ, but this small team kicks way above its weight. I recently came back from a Fool AU workshop, where I had the opportunity to learn more about the Fool, meet the AU analyst team, the AU operations team, and some of the Fool AU freelancers. This is a team of go getters, super entrepreneurial, and above all very Foolish. I ‘m thrilled and humbled to join this motley crew.

As I start rolling with my new duties, I might initially be somewhat absent from the Fool US boards. There’s much to learn and much to do on the Fool AU side, and that’s where I will be spending most of my time.

That said, I am continuing to guide TTS and shepherd XOOM until the latter’s acquisition with Pay Pal is complete. I have a reasonably decent-sized position in TTS, so I will follow it anyways for my own portfolio and I will continue to share my thoughts. I will also post my thoughts on some of the other positions I hold and follow very closely.

And, before I close, I want to say that I owe a LOT to the members on the boards. Board friends, you all have and continue to contribute to my growth as an investor. I do want to thank some you have gone out of the way to help me, to challenge my thinking, and to suggest alternative ideas. So some big thank you to:
o JSergeant - you have positively impacted the life of potentially thousands of Fools. I don’t know how you do it, but I will remain in awe of your board posts.
o SaulR80683 - your board is a phenomenal repository of knowledge. There’s much to learn there and thank you for the challenges you have posed time and again.
o iVish - you have been very kind to me, and for that I will always be grateful. One day, I do hope to meet with you and have a drink. I think you won the TCS bet, so I owe you a drink or two anyways.
o CMFAnurag - we might have had cat fights on the boards, but I have learnt much from your posts.
I ‘m specifically pointing to the above gentlemen but I have picked up much from many others. The boards are an immense resource, so to new TMF members I will just say that please use the boards - find veteran Fools, TMFs, and CMFs who can help you - and you will be set of a long and fruitful investing journey.

That’s all from me for the time being.

See you on the boards.


TTS & XOOM Ticker Guide
TMF AU analyst - starting Aug 11th :slight_smile:


Congratulations Anirban, and good luck! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity.



Congratulations Anirban. That’s great news and we are very happy for you!


Congrats Anirban. I am happy for you and uncle Joe is a great Fool. Good luck!



All the best Anirban. I’m enjoying seeing the Fool in Singapore gradually take shape and I am sure you will make a massive contribution with the Fool down under.

FWIW I think fools in the US and UK don’t appreciate enough how global the TMF really is.



Congrats, Anirban! You certainly deserve it. :slight_smile:



Good for you Anirban! Let us know when Fool Fest happens in Australia. I’ve been wanting an excuse to take a “business trip” down under.

But we will miss your posts. I hope you’ll have time in the future to make a reappearance on these boards.



That is great news!! I will miss your insight on this board, but hopefully you could drop in and share with us every now and then. You are going to make a great TMF analyst.



I’m incredibly excited for you, sounds like a dream job. The selfish part of me is sad to see you go (hopefully not thought). You are at the top of my list of Fools that have made me a better investor. A very sincere thank you from me and I hope you stay part of our little corner of the internet.



Good Luck Anirban ! You really deserve it, your research of companies is amongst the most insightful. I would have never bought INBK and CRTO but for your posts.


Congratulations Anirban.

I’m a member of the Pro service in Australia so am chuffed that you’re to be involved. If you at all have it in mind to adapt your experiences on this board to the Pro service then I feel I’ve woken to an early Christmas.



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Congrats Anirban!!! So excited for your journey!! Thank you for all you have done for this community!


Hi Anirban: Excellent achievement for a technical person with a PhD in computer science :-). I am particularly proud to read your background as I also come from India.

I discovered this board just a few months back and have benefited enormously from contributions by Saul, yourself and a few others. Your analyses are detailed yet lucid and are not too difficult to follow even by persons of little financial background such as myself.

I note you spent some time at IITD. When? I was there from 1969-82, teaching.

All the best with your new assignment.



Congrats on your new opportunity. I just want to say how wonderful your analysis on INBK and CRTO are. I am sure Australia investors will greatly benefit from your expertise as many of us have here.

Good luck and come back and enlighten us often.


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was part of the Inside Value analyst team. It’s hard work coming up with two good ideas a month. Very difficult and if you get it wrong and the stock doesn’t perform it’s quite stressful

Good Luck