sometimes it's just not enough!

warning: whining!

So I have a caregiver for the hubster for most of most days, but we’re on our own for a fews hours every day.

Half an hour after Jourdan left at 11:30am, the hubster managed to pee his shorts. About an hour later, a pasty poo, for which he cooperated by standing (well, stooping) while I cleaned him up. Took many wipes. Half an hour later, another poo. And half an hour later, he peed on the floor.


My back is sore. Good thing I have PT tomorrow!

PS–3 strikes and yer out!
I went to the pharmacy this morning. Can’t refill the hubster’s meds as they’re awaiting word from his hospice dr. Strike One. They are all out of senior flu shots. Strike Two. And they haven’t received their share of Moderna bivalent covid vax yet,. Strike Three!


What you are handling is really difficult. Before we had full time caregivers for my Dad, I spent many hours cleaning up pee and poo. Sometimes it took me a few days to find it all. SIGH! I miss my Dad, but I don’t miss all of that cleaning and I don’t miss smelling it on my clothing as I drove home. And the scrubbing was not easy on my knee or my arthritic hands. And your situation is much more difficult than mine was.

You are so loving and patient and dedicated.

Sorry about the strike out at the pharmacy.

Please whine if it helps.

People here care.