stay cool

Tomorrow looks to be a volatile day on Wall Street.

Another Brexis like market response to the results of our election.

If we have cash available it just might be a good time to buy. If it lasts longer than just tomorrow (as with Brexis) that will be even better. No rush. Take our time and and stay calm.



Iam buying tomorrow. Remember Brexit, within a week, despite the gloom and apocalyptic doomers, stocks recovered within a week. Perhaps some thing Trump is a bigger fundamental disaster. Remains to be seen. I do not like the prospects of a trade war given the world wide trade the companies we own share of do. However, I do not believe Trump’s intentions, particularly given his international business experience is to cease free trade around the world.



I’m sitting 50% cash so planning a strategy. Think about investing x% when down y%, and so on. Think. Is this going to be a V-shape or are we looking at a long, grinding, down slog? No way to know. Pick up some bargains today but save most of the cash? In some ways it is better to be 100% invested and just ride it out.
Going to be wild.


Dang it! No market crash. I normally would not be so dismissive of such a thing, but it would have been a reflex action out of pure panic and not out of anything fundamental. Maybe the market will tend toward crash later today. But the stocks I follow, just a normal, slightly negative day. Looks like no panic.

I shall take it, as it beats a real and legitimate market crash.


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Market says the election was a non-event. Up. I added a small amount to 6 positions which have been at my buy levels. AMN was down 10% so I added there. Health care, but I don’t see its future tied to Obamacare.



I am almost disappointed.

But not really.


I agree. Had cash ready to deploy after a downward move. I will now put into play on top 5 conviction stocks.

The experts were wrong again. What’s new?

HMSY got smashed. My guess is that it’s because the government is its biggest customer and now ObamaCare seems at risk. Closed the position at a profit.

Added AMZN. Presidents come and go. Amazon just keeps on flowing along.

Denny Schlesinger

I recall Trump said some bad things about Amazon a few months ago…

Will he go after Amazon?

It’s interesting to note that the president elect does not have much stakes in the stock market. That has not been the way he made his money.


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