Steady and cautious into Q3 2024

Nuu thread. When I crafted the title, I was thinking about the end result of Q2 2024. The “steady” part refers to stay focused on the areas I enjoy & have some understanding. The “cautious” part is the proceed forward, accounting for risk. At least, “risk” as I understand it.

07/01 - 07/03

  • Nike lowered expectations, share price got whacked. Added to taxable ac stake.
  • AMBP continues to meander slightly off course - another nibble
  • More NVDY in Roth ac (Decision prior to NVDY’s latest div announcement - another $2+ div)
  • More ECO in IRA ac

An odd, stand-alone day to trade.

Oh well, some trading

  • Did I do that? There seemed to be an AMBP trade that executed earlier in the day (perhaps from Wed)
  • TSLA in taxable ac bounced into positive territory - sell for me. Can get back in with no wash concerns
  • NVDY trading ex-div. Added to Roth stake
  • What’s the deal with shipping selling off slowly? Doubled down on BDRY (Can’t speak for tankers. But dry bulk rates are strengthening)

Week 2:

  • More NVDY for taxable ac
  • More BNS for taxable ac
  • Another FRO nibble in Roth ac
  • Trimmed VERI after day 1 bounce. Did not expect a multi-day bounce.
  • Slashed IESC on bounce. If I have to, and if nothing looks appealing, will wash the stake.

Aaaii!!! The rest of week 2 turned quite choppy.
That said, there were some moments (AAPL, VERI, BRK-B)
07/11 - 07/12

  • BWLP whack - added to taxable ac stake
  • Closed out IESC (taxable ac)
  • QCOM pullback - small addition to Roth ac position
  • BWLP whack - Roth ac stake
  • On VERI pullback, repurchased shares
  • Second BWLP whack - added to taxable ac stake
  • More NVDY in Roth ac
  • Restarted GLNG in Roth ac
  • Slurpee - free @ 7-11 on 07/11

Though BWLP position is underwater, still like the prospects. Strategy on the pick may morph (similar to CLCO) - build up a position at lower price, and eventually jettison the higher priced shares on a good bounce. Roth ac stake obviously adds some complexity.