Stupid iPhones, stupid buttons

Why, oh, why did Apple put the volume buttons directly across from the power button? Whenever you adjust the volume, it’s incredibly easy to push the power button at the same time. Holding the power button while you are holding the volume up button (to max out the volume on a phone call) will drop the call and give you the shutdown menu.

Dropping the call is the last thing you want the phone to do when you’ve been on hold for 10 minutes. This phone is very fortunate that it didn’t meet an instant demise by me flinging it to the floor. I definitely thought about it.

Previous iterations of the iPhone had the power button on top, so this could not happen.

What a stupid change.

Stupid phones.


I complained about this back when we were on Fool 1.0. Two things: 1) apparently you’ve been using a really old model, and 2) they don’t care.

I’ve cancelled myself off at least a dozen times trying to adjust the volume, or turned up the volume trying to shut it off. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. And I don’t mean me.


I can’t stand this!!! When I am using it one handed, i need to brace my hand on the opposite side. End up taking a screenshot half the time! Same problem when using the phone to take video in landscape mode … sometimes the video doesn’t start (by pressing volume up) because I pressed both and get a screenshot instead. I’ve missed many at-bats from my son this way.

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Yeah. For a company that prides itself on the “user experience” Apple sure makes some pretty idiotic design choices. Where have all their user testing experts gone?

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