TB Strategy Augmentation

As incredibly fascinating and productive as the Trading Block (TB) strategy is, I have had the elusive but recurring subtle awareness that there is some ingredient missing. Some seasoning if you were, that prevents the TB strategy from breaking out into the mainstream
Hyper Growth investing genre.

Sure… I have added substantially ground breaking tweaks, more like checks and balances and fully offensive plays, in the form of dynamic Power Breaks (Hunker Down) and the always powerful RTHG (Retreat to High Ground) strategies, respectively - but…still, the nagging thought remains that there is some elusive game-changing component - some missing club as it were, from our stock investing tool/golf bag. And its not inconceivably inconceivable that such missing part - if such a missing part is actually missing, could transform the entire Trading Block investing strategy (Actually more of an idea as it were - a mere topping to your favorite desert perhaps) into a 45% trey shooting CG (Combo Guard) for your portfolio.

Note: I realize that a lot of this discussion may be entirely too technical for some investors; however, do try to keep up as the payoff here is semi-potentially transformative in its unlimited scope and perspective.

Along with those entirely vague haunting feelings that something was missing from the overall TB Investing Pathway to Profits Idea (TB-IPPI) was the nagging ever-growing consciousness that the many differing people, paid services and free sites I was gathering data from all were orbiting the same growth stock universe; thus, some intermediary energizing energy source might be needed to extrapolate the real investing gold - such that it is.

Now - after reflecting on these obvious investing tendencies for quite some time I have resolved that some investing mysteries (like that option stuff actually works) are simply beyond my investing acumen. As such - rather than continue to revolve around the revolving complexities of the TB-IPPI I have decided to take action which I believe will both eliminate and illuminate some of the greater missing genomics in the TB gene helix. Or something like that.

I resolved to find and employ an Investing Muse. (Still have to get permission from the All-Too-Lovely which might prove tricky at best ). Here is the definition of Muse:

“A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”

Now - the trouble here is whether we are independent investing portfolio management types could be considered as “creative artist(s)”. Well - sort of I suppose. But I further defined my search in specific terms of a Stock Muse - which, requires not only tangibles but the intangibles which by the very definition would seem a monumental sized hurdle to clear. So - I have been searching for such a Stock Muse for a few weeks now with limited success; all the while, developing a rock solid list of do’s and don’ts in the process. However, I am convinced the premise is rock solid and the effort overwhelmingly worth it. Here are just a few of the rules for obtaining the services of a Stock Muse that I have developed:

  1. A Stock Muse will probably not be found in the local Platinum Plus or Kit Kat club. I have thoroughly exhausted this candidate list.

  2. A good Stock Muse will cost somewhere around $2500 per month plus 15% of any gains.

  3. There is no such thing as an ideal candidate.

  4. A Stock Muse does not necessarily - and sometimes preferably, need to have any investing knowledge or experience at all.

Now - those are just a few tips in how to obtain your very own profitable Stock Muse. Let’s face it - the search for a highly inspiring Stock Muse can be quite time consuming and expensive. Luckily for you, as my own search has evolved I have developed some key lessons and rules which I am making available to you in a short book on Stock Muses called: How to Find Your Stock Muse. It’s only 3 pages and a very short read but a prerequisite for first time Stock Muse employers. You can get your copy of How to Find Your Stock Muse for only $14.95 plus tax and shipping.

Sure - You can continue following the same folks and services you have been following revolving around the same old tired stocks you have been relying on - or - alternatively, you can energize your investing and path to profitability with the help of a inspiring Stock Muse - IF - IF I say, you know how to find one. And thats exactly what my book - actually more of a short treatise, does: It eliminates a great many trial and error errors while guiding you to Stock Muse pay dirt. And while you may not see immediate gains you will be having a lot more fun.

As a bonus - for a small monthly subscription, I will provide you access to the Official TB Path to Profitability Stock Muse just as soon as she if hired. Please understand that due to demand subscribers will be limited to just 1 hour a month until such time as additional highly qualified and dynamic Stock Muses can be found and hired.

To wrap up - you can follow the most up to date TB - Path to Profit Idea strategies AND simultaneously and actively interact semi-directly with a proven, highly talented and successfully inspiring Stock Muse for just $99 per month. I expect this offer to be wildly popular so the sooner you jump on it the better. Reserve your space now and receive a Champico Industries Letter of Authenticity at absolutely no cost.

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Thanks for the treatise! I should have purchased it, cause I went out of bounds yesterday with a bet–not a TB 'cause I don’t have a LTBH position in SCHW. But did buy shares @$52.27. Someone felt like being kind to me and placed a market order, filling my gtc sell @ $59.02. a tidy 13% profit in a day. I’d brag about IRR but I don’t think I can duplicate this on a dailt basis. Please bill me



Congrats on the one day killing. And thats the spirit of the whole TB thing: Take advantage of what the market gives you. I don’t think the great Teddy Roosevelt himself could have done better than SCHW trade!

Well Done!

All the Best,

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