Thanks, Dreamer

Monday afternoon here, 5:30. Relaxation time. 90 minutes until I can get premarket numbers. Opportunity to thank Dreamer for hosting this board and allowing me to pollute it and use it for my investing notes, such as they are. And thanks for not banning posts on options, slow growth companies, dividend payers, design of water lines and random thoughts on life.

Other than UPST, no ER’s on companies of interest. Not sure if there are ER’s of interest to the broader market, but maybe nothing market moving in which, what, drifting lower after a few weeks of up and to the right? Market sentiment is Greedy with regard to S&P 500, fearful with regard to total market. Maybe hopeful of end-in-sight for rate increases and fear of recession for mid and small caps. Dunno. Could all change at 0931, anyway.

Happiness is getting what you want. Success is wanting what you got. Have a great week.



My thanks to Dreamer also, for recommending TTD in '18. I started buying then, stopped in '19, sold a piece in '20 for a very nice gain, and still hold some shares today.