The Cyber Truck clobbered the other vehicle

It was the other driver’s fault. The cyber truck was probably totaled because of how it was built but in this fight, the cyber truck smashed the other guy.

Mass tends to win in a collision. Of course a 6600 pound truck is going to cream a small sedan, just like an 18 wheeler would crush a Cybertruck.


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It’s all about kinetic energy. If the Cybertruck is moving very fast I wouldn’t want to be the 18 wheeler, but then again I wouldn’t want to be the Cybertruck either.


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And if the 18 wheeler was hauling gasoline …

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I read the links.
Here’s what REALLY happened:
Corolla boy lost control, veered right, ricochetted off the mountainside, across his lane into the SIDE of the Cybertruck near the driverside rear tire.
The front of the Corolla is smashed.
The Cybertruck appears sideswiped.

The Cybertruck provided a large surface area for the Corolla to dissipate the kinetic energy, rather than wrap it’s front around a tree.

No one was injured!

The Cybertruck SAVED Corolla boy’s life!

It’s a miracle!




They want 20 from me