The Intel gpu's are coming…

There is a link to the specs from last January. It looks like intc is going after the laptop/tablet market first with the new gpu Alchemist. At the bottom of the article is a link to the specs and it looks like TSMC is making this 6nm part for intc. I’m thinking that when these items hit the market, its going to drive the price of gpu’s down due to competition. Interesting read…doc


Shipping GPU hardware is one thing, but having solid reliable drivers another. Rumor has it the launch has been delayed due to software issues, but finally set for this week. Intel’s efforts here are doomed if the reviews indicate significant driver problems.

On the plus side, it appears the Intel XESS upscaling technology is working well, and is open source so can be used on any vendors GPU. This is a competitor (replacement?) to Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR.

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pretty boring announcement today. Only “3” series shipping with “5”, and “7” still to come. Systems only “preorder” and not on the shelves yet. XESS not ready yet, but “this summer”.
Lots of talk about what the GPU can do for you besides gaming.