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Peter ~

Thanks for sharing the link. I can see why they are called that but
I had never heard of it before.

In a larger format (and probably squared off), they can be handy for people in a wheelchair or even with some difficulties standing or walking. There are no curbs to deal with. A sitting bench can be attached, as can hand rails. And with a bit of extra room and a hand held shower head, it’s easy for someone to assist with a shower while staying fairly dry.

None of those work with the mostly fancy curved things in the photos. But tweaking the idea a bit makes a very practical shower while still containing water quite well.


“What is a snail shower?”

Well, one way a snail can keep itself clean.

Keeping a straight face is difficult at times.
But I will try if someone asks what is a snail bath tub.


Ours isn’t rounded (well, one wall sort of is). But it’s a design that doesn’t necessitate a shower curtain or door. We use one in the winter because it gets drafty (warm shower warms the air, which rises and sucks the cold air from the rest of the bathroom). Summer it’s optional.

We also should have put grab bars in there. Not looking forward to drilling tile to mount them.


“Thai pork salad”

Saute a medium chopped onion and coaresly chopped red bell pepper After a few minutes, stir in ground pork and grated ginger, and when mostly done, stir in coconut milk, squirt of sriracha, a little fish sauce and cook a few minutes. Serve over chopped lettuce with cashews, cilantro, fresh squeezed lime, optional pineapple.