The Robots are Coming sequel!

Geordie Rose, CEO of Sanctuary robot startup gives a very interesting explanation of their approach to making humanoid robots usefully suited to their intended tasks.

Partnering first with Magna International and now with Microsoft.

BREAKING: Tesla Bot Rival Sanctuary Signs STUNNING Deal With Microsoft (w/ CEO Geordie Rose)

Two weeks earlier

BREAKING: Tesla Bot Rival Sanctuary CEO DROPS Bombshell News

The Captain


Wow they are just about there with a full AGI Humanoid robot. Those videos were amazing.



The CEO guy (first video) said his bot will be on a wheel base. He poo poo’d legs/bipedal.

But while he was describing that, I thought I detected some “uncertainty and defensiveness” in his words and voice.

Magna is the “mass production” manufacturing capability for those humanoid robot startups who are doing the “concept/prototype”?

The CEO said whoever produces the first 1000 bots doing valuable work, in a factory, then 10,000 then 1M will be the winner.

Cathy Wood says it’ll be “winner takes most”.
That seems to be what the CEO is saying, too.



There are lots of applications where wheels are perfectly fine. In a hospital, for example, robots can use the elevators. My guess is that wheels are a lot cheaper than legs.

The Captain


Astribot S1 based in Shenzhen China, has been in-the-news for a week.
The marketing video at the beginning of Wes Roth clip is “wow”.

I have “heard” one off comments about Chinese bots for the last 6 months, but no real info about their progress, or manufacturing.

Apparently, Astribot is claiming the S1 will be available for home use by end of 2024.

Will Astribot company get First Mover Advantage for home use bots?

Wes touches on the (recent?) AV jet dogfight, and the “Therminator” (which is NOT a weapon but rather entertainment lol) which isn’t Autonomous.
And Photoshop’s AI offerings.


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Watch Figure since they will have sold them into Amazon and that should happen this year.


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If the West is afraid of Huawei phones and tiktok, I suspect intelligent, humanoid Chinese bots will have a tough time entering American and European homes and factories.

Can’t wait for the movie where domestic Chinese bots murder Americans in their sleep just before the invasion. “The Three Bot Problem”


There are systems for “PLOTTING OUT” motions of larger groups of objects in motion.

That is NOT AI.

This is now faking AI.

At least in the demo below the AI claims are not to AI learning but to plotting out flight paths for a larger group of objects.

You have to watch the Video Ralph put out on Astribot to see exactly how it is AI. There is not any chance that is plotting. It even has AI in the name AstrIbot


AI has to use coordinates of plotted-out areas. That is getting more sophisticated.

The jump to sentient life is at least 50 years off.

The claims are awareness. That is not even close.

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Yeah, that was way to perfect, count me as skeptical for now. Just like the robot that used dialect when talking with the hems and haws. Not believing a rando video from the internet anymore.