This interface is so PITA

This interface is such a PITA that it tells you there is a post by someone you are trying to ignore.

The Captain


Congratulations. Apparently my instructions worked.

You’re welcome.



At least you used enough characters in the title to be able to post!



Survival is a very useful skill! Just ask the people who didn’t! They are missing out!

One always has to look for the good side of things. This reminder that there is a hidden message has its good side.

• You have the option to ignore it
• If you get curious, you steel yourself for the [expletive deleted] content

Now back to regular programming.

The Captain

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I find this UI gives me LOTS of this option. For instance, when I get close to having read all “new” or “unread”… the UI begins to sneak more stuff that was posted A YEAR AGO, onto the list… so i can “accidentally” click the “expletive deleted expletive”.
It’s like the Toll Roads here in Austin. If you are not careful, the traffic flow designed INTO THE SYSTEM will “accidentally” dump you onto a Tollway, so you have to pay a toll to support the tollway. The tx govt motto is “Every little bit helps”.

For this one, the UI gives me “new/unread” for stocks I don’t normalcy follow: MU, AMD, AAPL, etc.
I tell myself this is God’s way of alerting me to potential investments.
I have God on “ignore”, but the UI lets me know He’s watching this little bird.



I login and see ninety something unread posts listed next to tracked. I click on it, read one thread and it now says 1 unread. Just did it again (back to 1 unread) even as I’m typing this and added 1 draft.

Edit: clicked on the one, went back and it now shows 89 new



90% of life is deciding if you got out of bed with a headache or to a good day.

People who think it is all a headache are missing out.

I like “new”. Classic gets old. Routine gets deadly.

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